Most people would wonder what strategies would be best for people to gain a faster headway in climbing the corporate ladder. Well, outside the usual investment of hard work and job knowledge, there is also that invisible factor called promoting camaraderie and that line in the job vacancy ad stating “should be a team player�. Think of it, how a person can effectively survive if he or she is unable to fit in the group and work conveniently.

The key here is the ability to swallow your pride. Not to many people find this easy but in a professional environment where you are exposed to different kinds of people of varying attitudes and background, getting along and gaining chemistry will be something that most companies would take into due consideration. Besides who will be the ultimate benefactor, but the organization as well?
This has bearing in being able to become a candidate for some of the key positions that are open in the organization. The total performance of an employee is surely weighed in more ways than one and that such will be a key point for consideration once promotion and corporate alignment is due. People who refuse and fail to adjust to these different environments usually don’t stay long in the organization, or if not, would forever wait for that big break, something that will not materialize until they wake up and do the necessary adjustments in being able to adopt to the total environment.

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Originally posted on April 18, 2006 @ 10:32 pm


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