5 Green Products Worth Considering For Your Business

In high times of super competitive business adventures, one things that can make your particular place stand out is the idea that you’re ‘green.’ Because green is good! It means you care about the environment. It means you promote local health of the ecosystem. Often, it promotes local businesses as well, which is great for positive image reinforcement.

And now with going green in mind, what are some products that your business can purchase to help with this image transition? For starters, try tankless water heaters, energy efficient lighting, solar panels, native plants in your landscaping routine, and water filters for office use.

The Tankless Water Heater


One appliance that comes to mind for being effectively green, and a process that you can work with without much problem, is installing a tankless water heater. No more heating up water that just gets cold again and wasting all that energy in the process. And no more running out of hot water! And even though people aren’t necessarily going to be taking half hour long showers at your business, the fact that there will be no wasted cold water while you’re waiting for hot water to wash your hands is actually going to save quite a bit of money in the long run.

Energy Efficient Lighting

By installing energy efficient lighting in your business building, you’re performing a number of green processes. First, you’re saving energy that normally would be wasted as heat from old-style light bulbs. Second, the materials they make the new bulbs out of are more environmentally friendly, and can last 20 years before replacements are needed in some cases! Depending on the size of your building, you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year in lighting, and being green in the process.

Solar Panels

Depending on what area of the country you live in, installing solar panels might be one of the best long-term decisions that you can make about green power consumption techniques. By installing the panels, you can take some of the stress off of your local power grid, and though there is an initial investment, over time that will pay itself off.

Native Plants for Landscaping

Though they aren’t necessarily ‘products,’ if you plant native plants and grasses as part of the landscaping around your business, you’ll spend less money watering and fighting off pests, and you can also push the ‘supporting local green causes’ platform.

Water Filters for Office Use

Finally, another great way to go green at your business is by having water filters on your tap water. Water bottles are a huge detriment to environmental factors, even when recycled, because there are so many of them that they often just end up in landfills.

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