It’s a fact of life for many of us that we work in offices each day, which usually entails spending long periods of time without much physical activity and often breathing stale air. Since we spend hours at desks or in cubes, making an office as healthy and comfortable as possible is of crucial importance.

Additionally, when at work, concentration is key amid the constant flow activity around us. We count on ourselves to be on our game, and it’s known that people function at their best when conditions allow for concentration and the elimination of extra stress.

Maximizing the workplace to allow employees to better concentrate on work while increasing health benefits is an ideal for any employer, and the installation of an indoor water fountain can provide such benefits. Here we’ll examine the advantages of a fountain or water feature in a professional space.

Negative ions yield a positive impact

An indoor fountain is a natural air purifier, as it pulls impurities from the air out of a room by generating negative ions. These ions have a variety of health benefits, and as they are released, they remove dust and dirt from the air. Negative ions have also been proven to increase a sense of relaxation and calmness, much like a natural waterfall, and counteract tension and stress. When negative ions are taken in, they increase a person’s serotonin levels, leading to a boost in one’s energy and mood. Being inside, we don’t get enough fresh air and a fountain’s ability to help clean the air is a direct benefit to employees and clients who come into contact with the water feature.

Sound effects

Sound can have a greater impact on us than we realize. In movies and on TV, music and subliminal noise can add a feeling of tension and indirectly convey certain emotions. Imagine a car alarm going off outside your office incessantly and you can understand how much sound can affect us positively or negatively. Although the wrong sound can drive us nuts, the right one can help us focus and harness concentration. The sound of running water with its soothing effect can create a relaxing environment and play a part in helping employees focus in a productive environment.

Health & style benefits

Creating an office atmosphere that’s both professional and stylish can affect employee morale, which often results in better work. Installing an indoor fountain or display can be a factor in this endeavor and serve as an investment in employees’ physical and psychological health.

Choosing one that’s best for your building will be dependent on the area you have available and the architecture already in place. Such an installation also gives an office a certain style unique in modern architecture. It could be fountain functioning as a centerpiece in a lobby or a waterfall streaming from a wall installation. The health benefits of clean air and a relaxing environment will have a positive impact on employees, impress clients, and distinguish your business office as something more than just a functional space.

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