A business gets to be identified in time with a brand. The brand is the primary “spokesperson” of a corporate entity who will be doing the “talking” based on the public’s perception of it. In essence, the success of any business entity will depend on the success of its brand.


Real Brands Stick

Just like how some basketball celebrities have managed to make themselves synonymous to a team, a brand will become synonymous to a company. The public will always associate a company with the last failed or successful brand it promoted. A brand that is promoted but failed to take off for some reason is just a name  in a long list of products offered by a company. A real brand sticks and creates a unique identity not only for the product but also for the company that created it.

This is what every company should be aiming for – creating a brand that creates a life of itself that can talk to consumers and convince them to buy. Real brands stick to the consciousness of people long after the latest marketing blitz is done and over with. They are able to represent quality products from companies of real integrity.

It is Not Only About Advertising the Product

Many businesses have the mistaken notion that consumers will come knocking at their doors to buy once they have advertised their products. While advertising can catch attention, there is no guarantee that it will have the convincing power to encourage purchase. Creating a successful brand that will be able to do the talking for the company is a process and never a one-shot deal.

A successful brand is a product of a keen eye for advertising opportunities and sensitivity to what makes consumer buy and believe in a brand. Thus we see companies sponsoring sports activities, charity works, and the like. If a company is able to associate its brand with what is perceived as the general good, it would have hurdled its first major obstacle.

You are Your Brand

Companies must realize this early enough. You are your brand. Rightly or wrongly, your brand will come to represent what you are as a company and who you are as a business owner.

You cannot be supporting the green movement if you are selling products that have been proven to be dangerous to the environment. Consumers can easily see through the charade. Companies can minimize their words when they have their reliable brand to talk for them.

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Originally posted on June 30, 2013 @ 8:17 am


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