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Even though both groups do travel, corporate travelers and leisure travelers do have very specific needs and it is usually very different from each other. The reason for this is that they also have very different goals or objectives for their trip. While one group is traveling to relax and as a form of entertainment, the other group sees traveling as just a means to an end because their goal is not focused on the travel aspect but on the meetings and other activities they are supposed to perform in their target city or country.

If you are a corporate traveler you will have very specific needs. These are some of the most common:

Specific information

The kind of information that corporate travelers need is vastly different from the information that a leisure traveler is looking for. Whereas, leisure travelers will want to know the popular tourist spots and the best attractions in an area, a corporate traveler’s priority is where he can perform various business functions like where he can have documents copied, where he can rent a temporary office, have computer equipment repaired or bought.

Efficient check-in services

Corporate travelers want expediency and this includes how they book their accommodations. They require a no-fuss way of booking a stay in either a hotel or serviced apartment. If it can be pre-arranged then all the better. They also want to check out in an equally swift manner – the faster, the better. Time is always a factor with corporate travelers. They want to save as much time as possible.


Corporate travelers face a lot of stress when traveling because they not only have to contend with rigors of travel, they also have to work while in another country. At the end of the day, they need comfort and the chance to truly relax. This is why, comfort is very important to them. A cosy apartment or hotel room is what they always require, as well as peace and quiet. They are willing to pay a little extra to get this.


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