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Is there much sense in entering a business, the intricacies of which are unknown to the proposed business owner? The only reason why people would even attempt to venture into the unknown is because of the great potentials in earning. However, this same purpose may not be achieved if business owners will enter a business that he knows nothing about.

Innovative entrepreneurs would rather have businesses that come from a different mold, meaning new ideas. The nature of the business may not be totally new but the concept has to be different.  In effect, entrepreneurs may just be going into business under- equipped in knowledge.

Venturing into unknown business territory is quite risky for entrepreneurs because it is highly possible that they can lose everything  the business, capital, and all efforts and work put into the business. It is quite possible that what looks good on the drawing board is not feasible as an actual business. Businesses deal with these risks everyday so it might help to think outside the box every once in a while.

What keeps business people willing to take risks? Maybe it is the passion or maybe it is the belief that they can make it happen. The world owes many things to entrepreneur  innovation with their fearless decision in spite of threading into unknown business territory .  If all entrepreneurs will just be fence- sitting and watching out for the next big thing, there probably wouldn’t be any business success stories to speak of.  Setbacks do not break a real entrepreneur’s spirit.


Originally posted on November 8, 2012 @ 12:43 pm


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