Training people to become future partners, helpers and leaders is something normal in any organization or impromptu undertaking. Seeing the improvements and providing guidance for their overall evolvement will truly be something that is crucial for them. But overall, they should not be considered threats to the guru who helps them achieve these things. This is something that has become weird, especially for people who train people but do not actually guide them on their mistakes in a way for them to understand. The natural occurrence will of course lead to these people to undertake various measures to do self research and studies to continue such personality and professional developments.

In the end, once the person has developed and reached a certain point beyond expectations, it is indeed funny how the master would treat their apprentices as threats to them. Misplacing them and refusing to work with them after training is something that is truly a point to elaborate on. The essence of training people is to mold them into helping the master in the business in the future, something that becomes the opposite, a threat to them and someone they would hate.

In these scenarios, these kinds of people who were once looked up to, show an act of selfishness and non-professionalism. People who undertake such trainings and sacrifices aim to earn and not to compete. In these scenarios, it is funny how people, mostly in the article writing thing today, see people in a different light. The respect they once had from their apprentices will get lost, and this is something beyond their control because in the first place, true professional leaders do not get into petty things and hold open lines of communication to resolve a problem and not to really create one. Well, there is nowhere else to go for the apprentice but to work on his own and to learn the hard way to get to the top, especially once the master decides a threat has no place in his organization.

Besides, fate will have its way and bad karma may strike to the person who deserves it, something that may already be happening at this moment.

Originally posted on May 11, 2006 @ 11:21 pm


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