Motivating employees to perform better can be a daunting task especially if the superiors do not have the proper qualification in handling people with varying personalities. Being able to analyze and handle people using their various receptions towards instructions and orders handed down to them for a common goal spells the difference between a proper execution of plans and the failure to adapt towards the needed results that any superior would have on them.

Varying factors will need to be put into consideration, among them:

  1. Personal Conflicts/ Problems
  2. Clear understanding of the organizational goals
  3. Effective Interaction with people
  4. Proper delivery of the information regarding the product
  5. Consumer communication

These factors will totally spell the difference between achievement and shortcomings and while proper understanding may be another aspect that is intangible in the sense that the total personality of the employees will play a varying role is something that should also be put into consideration.

Using emotions such as anger as a moving factor is not a motivating tool. It is more of applying fear towards employees, something that is unethical that will lead to more compounding issues such as personal hierarchy conflicts and labor disputes in the end, something that will become more sophisticated and less productive which may hurt the entire operation of the company as well.

Originally posted on May 30, 2006 @ 9:37 pm


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