Not everyone can function in a job that keeps them cooped up inside a building for forty or more hours per week. There are plenty of people that are much happier working in the throws of nature every day.

There is something special about feeling the warmth of the sun and hearing the song of the birds throughout the work day. For those who enjoy the greener, dirtier things in life, the outdoors provides plenty of opportunities for a new business venture. Check out this brief overview of a few thoughtful small business ideas for the avid outdoorsman, or woman.

Residential construction and repair

The need for new home construction will never end. There will always be someone looking for a company to build their dream home. On a smaller scale, specialize in one particular trade involved in homebuilding and market individual services.

Home repair is also an excellent source of business. All houses require occasional maintenance, and at some point in time require repairs. Gutters, siding, doors and window treatments are all great examples of recurring repair and maintenance.

Run a family campground

Most campground locations do not remain opened for business all year round, but there is money to be made in an all season campground. It does take quite a bit of work to keep a camping location up and running, but that really depends on what a person considers “work.”

Spending every day out in the sunshine, smelling the trees and the earth does not necessarily count as work. A camping location is also one of the more inexpensive business ideas.

Pool cleaning and maintenance

Spend the day cleaning and maintaining swimming pools. It would not harm anyone if there came a time when the heat of the summer caused the pool crew to “slip” into the clear blue water they worked so hard to achieve. Have fun with the job!

The need for above ground pool installation has also been on the rise. If in ground pools are not enough, offer assembly and maintenance services for above ground swimming pools.

Landscaping and gardening

Though it may be seasonal in nature, landscaping and gardening are both always in need of specialists. If gardening is a love or passion, then try building a business in the yards of others. With very little financial investment, the startup on a business such as this would not be very complicated.

Outdoor adventure guide

If extreme sports and all things outdoors are the ideal way to spend time, then an outdoor adventure guide might be the right type of business in which to invest. Again, it would take only a small startup budget, and a few friends to spread the word to get things going.

Originally posted on April 13, 2017 @ 10:33 pm

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