Sales QuotasThe battle cry for most organizations is to ensure that their sales personnel are able to meet the expected sales output for a given period, usually monthly to coincide with the laid projections by the marketing team for any organization. In most cases, this is the gauging point to which most people will be able to assess if the current roster of sales personnel are efficient and effective in their roles in the organizational objectives. Professional handling in most cases, will get mixed reactions, mostly negative in nature since most people view a business ordeal more of a work related endeavor, rather than a career enhancer that will be credited to their resumes and bio data as well.

There is no question that the biggest winner in most cases will be the employees and not the company in the long run, since a colorful portfolio will be the ticket of most employees to better paying jobs and a wider area of scope altogether. This is what most competitors and other companies look for, the richness in experience to which they can rely on personnel to handle and target desired goals. The entire performance of an organization lies in the hands of these people. But also, their credibility and reliance is at stake as well. In this case, it is either a win-win situation or both lost if worse case scenarios.

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