With more of us starting our own blogs and more businesses getting online, how do you make your website stand out from other sites? Search engine optimisation services can help, by driving up the number of people visiting your site (also known as organic traffic). If you want to be a success online you need to invest time thinking about how you can get users to find your site.

So how does SEO work? When people go online and they are looking for a particular service or information on a certain topic, they will usually go on to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. The next step is to type in a few words which will then bring up a results page. Your job is to ensure your company is listed on the first page of the results pages or SERPS and the best way to achieve this is by using reputable SEO services in the UK from an ethical SEO company.

Companies use SEO tools to improve their listings on these results pages and encourage people to click through on to their site. A successful SEO campaign will make excellent use of ‘keywords’ which are typed into the search engine. It is your job to try to think like the consumer you are trying to target and think of what they would be more likely to type into a search engine in order to find a company just like yours. Once you have compiled a list of these words and phrases you need to be sure you use them to your advantage. If you need help in coming up with the keywords you may consider speaking to experts offering organic SEO services.

Most expert providers of search engine optimization services will agree that placing key words at the start of a title and the start of the first few paragraphs will help improve SERPS listings. So the further down your article a keyword is found, the less successful it may be in securing higher listing in the SERPS. Search engines will generally only favour keywords that have been used a few times, so try to not use more than five occurrences of 2 to 3 keywords in a 300 word SEO blog for example.

Blogs and news articles are an excellent way of driving traffic to your site. If you comment on current affairs or what is happening in your industry this will prove very beneficial for your listings. This is also why you should aim to change and update your website content as often as possible. Users visiting the site may even sign up to your blog so you will be able to keep them updated with the latest news in the company.

Originally posted on September 29, 2010 @ 9:58 am

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