The iPhone does not only cater to individuals on the look-out for the latest technological gadgets to display to their friends.  It has recognized uses in business which cannot be ignored.  For many businesses, iPhone use is not a luxury but rather a necessity.

There are several new features of the new iPhone that makes it especially attractive for corporate users.  Prior to this however  the earlier iPhone models have been proving their relevance for businesses that need to remain in constant contact with their employees.  The most basic features allow users to organize their days through schedules, work task management, meeting and agenda updates, and continuous connection with co-workers and clients.

The iPhone also allows users to view their businesses in an instant.  Important information can be retrieved, tracked, and sent through the phone without the need to bring along loads of paperwork.  Projects can also be managed remotely through the use of the phone since downloading and adding input for reports is easily accommodated.

Meetings need not be postponed due to difference in location of participants.  Conference calls, typing, voice dictation, and capturing important data on screen for sending to colleagues are all doable.  If a person wants to travel light and yet remain connected, the iPhone makes it possible.

Businesses need to be protected from abuse of employees who are given the privilege of phone plans for work use.  The latest iPhone model now makes it possible for Admin to lock the device to a single app or disable certain apps that are more geared towards play rather than work.  It allows for the change in iOS security settings so that control is retained over a group.  Corporate users appear to have been neglected by Apple for a long time but these recent innovations send clear messages that things are about to change.

Originally posted on October 1, 2012 @ 11:35 am


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