So, your employee morale is at an all time low. You just don’t have the money to give them raises and you can’t change the things that are getting them down. Should you just give up and accept the miserable work environment? Actually, studies have shown that money is not always that important to employees. There are plenty of low cost ways to try to improve morale. Although they may seem silly, they still work. A few morale boosters:

1. a company “trophy” that goes to a different employee each week. (The employee who’s never late, the employee who had the most sales…) If you don’t have the budget for trophies, try certificates of achievement.

2. an extra half hour at lunch.

3. a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant.

4. meaningful recognition. Thank your employees in front of other people for a job well done on a specific project. (Have you seen the commercial where the boss gives his employee a cupcake and calls him by the wrong name? It doesn’t mean much unless you are sincere.)

Originally posted on October 13, 2010 @ 10:23 am


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