Entrepreneurship is an undertaking that most people consider, especially for people who are not content on being an employee for big organizations. While this is only natural, the path towards blooming from taking on a business will have its demands. For one, investment, patience and time will be at its worst, and for the people who don’t have much of any one of them, they had better think twice.

Anyone would want to be their own boss. But this entails a lot of responsibilities such as handling the operations, marketing and financial issues needed in running a business. This can be likened to doubling the usual single duties a person would have in a company, but the good thing about it is being exposed to the other areas of concern, some of which are not available in most companies for extreme focus.

There are a number of successful entrepreneurs today, and if asked individually, the roads leading to success have a stiff price to pay. Chemistry and the proper mixing of all the ingredients for a successful venture will be at their hands. But extreme sacrifices for the various tasks that lie ahead shall surely be more than just a simple stroll in the park.

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Originally posted on April 12, 2006 @ 10:06 am


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