To develop and market a product in any environment is something that takes a lot of planning and careful evaluation of the market. Product development is not an easy task, and careful evaluation of governing factors such as the socio-economic factors as well as the financial capacity of the class a company may want to cater to are only some of the many implications considered prior to actual product launching.

Everything lies in identifying these needs that people will go after. Usually, the top of the list would be food, since everyone knows that this is quite important for a person to exist and survive. Question is what type of food genre?

Chin Chin Black Gulaman mixes a savvy of oriental taste with a unique desert or drink that is usually sought by people in Chinese or Oriental run restaurants. Normally, this is just available on a per order basis, and hence became a vision for the owners of enhancing their bottled beverage line, which already included such drinks as the Chin Chin Green Tea variants that include honey, lemon, apple and unsweetened jasmine green tea.

A product catered for the Class A and B groups, placing and penetrating the beverage market is not an easy task. Thanks to the existence of local imitators who emphasize more on price over quality, has become a setback of sorts since it entirely defeats the purpose of green tea, a supposedly acclaimed health drink for the health conscious individual. The price variance is truly different and sad to say, these local players, may as well sell iced tea rather than promote a faulty health drink, which has been proven not to contain any trace of actual green tea mixture, but only a mixture of artificial flavoring and water. Considering they have studied the behavior of the local community very well, truly, it is the cost of purchasing one bottle that has been the difference. Thus the local folks are proven not to be after the quality of the product they buy, but rather the cost of getting a bottle for their consumption.

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