Looking for various ways to remedy personal dilemmas as occasional depression, low adrenalin and trying to find the attention needed to help act as a different source of medication has been one of the things that most people are looking for. Surely, the usual medicines such as anti-depressants, psychology counseling or just a plain constant partner to be with are the immediate responses that people would give as remedies for people who are feeling down and blue.

Funny, but one remedy that has proven to be effective is that of blogging. Today, the blog craze has invaded the world by storm, and practically all countries have a number of people blogging on their own, with the topic and category of their choosing, without limits. What people cannot say in public with confidence, they can do in their personal blogs and no one can stop them from doing so. Similar to having an online diary, people go to the extent of making it an online reference guide for some, sharing views, ideas and such for people who want to learn more about a certain topic. Some go to the extent of even using the various revenue generating scheme from them, and this has helped in both ways, both for the person posting and the ones seeking the information.

Going back a bit, blogging helps a person release the tension and aches he has inside. Most people would not be able to give in towards the needs and understand of every person, and blogging has proven to be something worthwhile for them. Additionally, there is a marketing connection here, since once a person is able to express what he is and surely this will come to a point where his or her readers would have an idea of what he or she is overall, a indirect personal brand building process is in the works!

There are a number of sites to which people can blog. Aside from the usual features that Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and Xanga provide, people can purely concentrate on blogging and have their thoughts heard. How to classify this new way of remedy? Well, for now, I would rather call it a natural and psychological manner since there is no relative definition why blogs have given people another means of outlet for their own good and relief. Why not start a blog now and see for yourself if this new fad can truly hit the spot!

Originally posted on April 20, 2006 @ 9:48 am


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