There’s no denying that mobile and business have become completely entwined and reliant upon each other. Our mobile devices empower us to complete transactions and communicate in real time, which has freed us from the constraints of time clocks and offices.

Vertic, a digital advertising agency, predicts that enterprise tablet usage will grow by nearly 50% every year. However, companies need to think hard about their tech refresh rates, since processing speeds and operating systems tend to make large leaps in performance about every two years.

Here’s how to maintain the competitive edge with your company’s mobile technologies.   

System updates

You know those little update alerts that keep popping up on your device? Next time your office has some downtime, heed their call and back up your device and update your operating system.

These patches regularly feature security and performance updates that bolster data protection and task efficiency. Also, new app functionality often relies on system updates.

For example, the latest Facebook and Instagram apps will not operate on mobile devices that are running last year’s operating system. It’s essential to your IT strategy to keep your operating systems up to date.

Computer syncing software

If you install mobile updates with a USB cable and a computer, then be sure to update the device-syncing software on your computer. Tools such as Android File Transfer and iTunes need to be kept up to date, just like your mobile operating systems.

This software helps facilitate syncs and file transfers between your computer and your mobile devices. If your computer software becomes too old, then it may not work with mobile devices that run newer operating systems.

Cellular contracts

Before you sign a new cellular contract, consider the terms for mobile replacements and updates first. Some carriers will lock you into a two-year contract that prevents you from acquiring smartphones at the subsidized price before the contract runs out.

Budget constraints can prevent you from upgrading your phone’s hardware before the contract is up. Find out when you have the option to upgrade your phone, so you don’t get locked into an excessively long contract period.

New hardware

Before you purchase a new phone, keep an eye out for the latest gadget announcements to get a firm understanding of current performance benchmarks and price ranges. Mobile updates are extremely fast paced, with manufacturers competing to stay in the lead.

Understanding the time frame of new product launches can help you snag the best deals on mobile devices.

Companies that have a solid tech-refresh strategy will thrive within their industry, since they’ll be using the most current and high-performing devices available. Your organization can maintain a competitive edge by regularly updating operating systems, software, checking contracts, and investing in the newest mobile hardware.

Originally posted on June 16, 2014 @ 12:47 pm


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