Every time you’re set on starting a blog, your blogophobia starts to creep in. You need a blog to market your business, but you don’t know how to overcome your fear of blogging. It’s like a big roadblock that keeps you from moving – similar to writer’s block.

Dealing with blogophobia is not an easy task. It would take some time for it to disappear. Here are some ways on how to bulldoze your blogophobia away.

Take a few small steps.
Start off by writing for yourself. Practice and perfect your own style of writing. Then, let a few select people read your articles. This will build up your confidence. Over time, you will be comfortable enough to take on a much larger audience.

Don’t let what others might think stop you.
Get the feedback of your controlled audience. There will come a time they’ll criticize your writing. Everyone makes a mistake, but this shouldn’t stop you. See failure as something to learn from, not as a setback.

Motivate yourself.

List the reasons why a business blog could benefit you. You must realize that you “need” a blog, not just “want” one. You need to stay focused on those positive reasons and be inspired by them. When you feel discouraged or you could feel that your blogophobia is getting the better of you, just read the list you made again.

Focus on the present.
When you focus on the present, your mind would be clear, your confidence won’t be shattered and you could write much better. Don’t think about what will happen in the future or the events of the past. Don’t let your emotions or thoughts linger to the future or go back to the past. Focus on what needs to be done today. This will make you write your blog easier.

Redefine yourself.

If your blogophobia’s seed is the fact that you are an introvert, then transform your own persona. Tell yourself that you are confident enough to go out there and express yourself through your blog. Be ready and prepared to change your personality, thoughts, actions and emotions.

Think positive.
You’re only building up fear inside you when you view the world in a negative way. Embracing positivity will lessen your blogophobia.

So what are you waiting for? Start off your engine and follow these tips and, before you know it, your blogophobia is paved away.

Originally posted on December 28, 2007 @ 3:32 am


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