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A wide range of industries require uniforms at work, including health care, manufacturing, and customer service. But you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your individuality just because you have to wear a uniform at work.

Many environments have flexible attitudes when it comes to your self-expression through hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. Take a look at some of the creative ways you can maintain your individual style, even if you have to wear a uniform on the job.

1. Hairstyle

Depending on your employer’s dress code, you might enjoy a high level of flexibility when it comes to your hairstyle. Some workspaces require you to keep your hair pinned up and out of your face for safety reasons, such as protecting your hair from getting caught in machinery or brushing against and falling into food.

Even in that case, however, you might be able to play with unique up-dos, such as elaborate braids. You can also explore new colors, and completely transform your look.

Your hair plays a prominent role in your overall look, and trying out new cuts, colors, and styles can be quite satisfying.

2. Makeup

Trying out new cosmetics can be another way for you to exercise control over your professional image. Test out the all-natural look or a new vampy shade of lipstick.

Makeup gives you a chance to have fun with subtle or in-your-face effects. Try out new application tools, colors, and brands to discover winning combinations.

3. Accessories

You can also express your individuality through your accessories selection. If your workplace permits jewelry, then rock out your outfit with earrings and bracelets that suit your taste.

You can even transform something as basic as a pen into an opportunity for self-expression. Instead of completing daily paperwork with a mundane ballpoint, invest in an elegant fountain pen or a goofy novelty pen.

4. Custom prints

Some industries give you additional levels of flexibility when it comes to uniform selection. For example, health-care workers occasionally get to choose unique prints for their scrubs.

Some of these fabrics incorporate whimsical patterns, or elegant details — or are inspired by pop culture. Have some fun selecting uniform prints that fit your personality best, and set you apart from your coworkers.

Don’t be bummed out if you discover your new workplace has a uniform policy. As described above, you can still express your individual sense of style through accessories, makeup, hairstyles, or unique uniform prints.

Be sure to study your employer’s dress code for any additional details, so you don’t accidentally violate work rules. You actually can have fun customizing your professional look.

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