Are you feeling the pressure of a crowded niche? Do you think that you should move on to another niche? That may be a solution but if you really feel that your current niche is important to you, then you do not have to leave it. In fact, we talked about two things that could help you succeed in a crowded niche. Here are some other things that you can consider on your way to success.

Take advantage of the number of blogs in your niche
One of the problems that any niche blogger may have is to find his target audience. This is especially true for those who are in a sparsely populated niche. How do you find those people who are interested in your topic? In a crowded niche, you can let other blogs guide you. The chances are that the older blogs have already found the people who are interested in your topic. The more you participate in forums and comment in these blogs, the more you expose your own blog to the people who you want to be your readers. So do not despair because there are many other blogs in your niche. Instead, take advantage of that fact!

Thinking along the same lines, you can actually learn a lot from those established blogs in your niche. Do not see them as merely competition but see them as your guideposts. Study those blogs and find out what makes them successful. In this manner, you can also pattern your approach from them.

It is all a matter of perspective, really. Just because a niche is crowded does not mean that you cannot succeed in it.

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Originally posted on September 10, 2008 @ 11:42 pm

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