Painting the perfect headline for your blog posts requires a lot of practice. Follow these 10 surefire tips, and you’ll be churning out masterpieces in no time.

1. Give the readers a reason to click through.

The headlines should make the reader want to click it for the full article. It must be clear about the blog post’s topic, but not give away the main ideas. “Click here” has proven itself as good copy. There are also some time-tested headline formulas that have been known to get high click through rates.

2. Make the readers curious.

Stir the readers’ emotions. The headlines must generate curiosity among your target audience. It must make your readers want more.

3. Be the solution.

The headlines should address your readers’ problems. It must provide the solution and tell the readers how your products or services would benefit them. “Have acne? Here are 7 tips to get rid of it once and for all” is a perfect example.

4. Offer something they can’t refuse.

People love freebies. When your headline is something like “Free stuff inside”, it will surely draw in some traffic. People like it when they receive something for free, or if they get great deals and bonuses.

5. Promise them the moon.

Readers will notice the hype of your promise. This will make them read the article. Just be sure that you can back up your promise. People are turned off when they felt hat they were lied to.

6. Simplicity does it.

Keep it simple. Some headlines contain different topics – this makes them confusing. Stick to just one.

7. Use your power.

The power of words, that is. Words like “proven”, “free”, and “how to” grab a reader’s attention. Numbers such as “7”, “10” and “101” are also effective, such as in “10 ways to get cleaner tap water” or “Blogging 101: Everything you need to know to start blogging”.

9. Action is better than nouns.

Use verbs in your headlines. Verbs could make your headlines come to life because they evoke action and force. Use verbs such as “discover”, “turn”, and “create”.

10. Don’t forget about your target audience.

The headlines should be focused on your targeted audience. It must grab the attention of those searching for solutions that your company can offer. Also, the headlines need to speak in your target audience’s language. “10 Ways to have a kickass business plan” probably won’t entice the corporate executive, but it’ll entice college entrepreneurs. Think about this when coming up with your headline.

Originally posted on August 23, 2011 @ 7:38 pm


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