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Advertising placements have long been handled by traditional media and advertising agencies.  The entry of blogs in an advertising spot where companies can place their brands is relatively new.  However, there is a question as to whether there is an actual advantage in blog advertising.

Traditional advertising is able to reach a wide audience.  Blogs are said to be able to reach a wider audience almost instantaneously once they are placed on the most advantageous spot on a blog page.  This has to be qualified though since this is only possible with blogs that enjoy extensive viewership.  Blogs which have yet to make their presence felt online may not be able to accomplish the advertising feat at all.

One advantage of advertising in blogs is the target market which many notable niche blogs have.  Advertising in these blogs provide benefit to the advertiser since it is like marketing directly to the people who would be most interested to buy or patronize an offered product or service.

Blogs should give advertisers a reason to place ads.  That is best achieved by developing and maintaining a blog that readers would trust and would want to read.  Ads can only be as good as the reputation of the blogs.  The biggest ad cannot convince a reader to buy, much less be seen when the blog has no command over an audience.

Blogs that come across as reliable command authority to recommend products and services to the public.  Advertisers would naturally want to be associated with credible blogs since in a way, their credibility is also on the line.  There is a very good reason why it is beneficial to advertise in blogs, but blogs should make sure that they are up to the expectation.

Originally posted on January 22, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

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