We have had two posts on how to get ideas for your business blog posts. So far, we have talked about using the problems you have encountered, announcements, and social responsibility. Let us look at a couple more sources of ideas for a good business blog post.

Look at the bigger picture – your industry.
Writing posts for your business blog need not be about your company only. You do not have to limit yourself to your products and your activities. Remember that you are part of a bigger picture, that is, your industry. As such, you should follow the trends and goings on in the industry that you are part of. Say you sell health supplements. Though it would be good to highlight your products and perhaps your research activities in your business blog, you should also write about what is happening in the world of health, health care, and health products. You can write about new research and highlight its findings. You can write about news items relevant to the health care sector. This would certainly expand your reach with regard to your readers and their interests.

Dig up those old photos.
If you remember, one of the most important advantages that business blogging brings to your company is the fact that it humanizes a business entity. Instead of merely seeing your company as a faceless, money-making entity, your customers can see its human side through your blog posts. And what better way to present a “face” than to post company pictures? For sure you have lots of company pictures lying around. Choose a visually stimulating one, one that is relevant and write your post around that picture.

Originally posted on July 8, 2008 @ 9:10 am

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