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We looked at three benefits that you can gain from using Google Analytics according to SEO White Hats in the previous post. Here are more benefits for you:

4)Google Analytics has a wonderful feature where you can also find out which site your website visitor had logged on before visiting your site.

5)You are offered visitor segmentation where you know how many new and returning website users there are to your website. You are also provided geographical information of the visitor and the referral source used by them.

6)Google Analytics offers not only search engine marketing media, but also helps in the tracking of other non-search engine marketing media.

7)On the overall, with the help of Google Analytics, it is possible to gain more customers if the results it provides are used wisely.

8)Google Analytics is a very easy and convenient service to use that is rather straightforward to use. There is no need in wasting time waiting for results.

9)If you own many websites, there is no need of logging in multiple times. With a single login, it is possible to keep a track on multiple websites.

I have been using Analytics for only a few months but let me tell you, it is very useful. For example, if you are working on getting more hits from SERPs, it is very easy to determine which keywords get you the most hits. Analytics shows you this in one glance. Another example is if you are looking to see which web sites refer the most traffic to your site. You can also find this out easily.

I am sure that there are more features to Analytics – I just haven’t discovered them yet. Have you?

Originally posted on May 28, 2008 @ 12:53 am

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