In the last post, we took a look at turning problems that you may face to your advantage. Let us continue to look at other ways you can get ideas for your business blog posts.

How about announcements?
For sure, you will have new things coming up with regard to your business every now and then. This could be a new product or a new service. It could even be a new promotion that your company is running. It does not really matter what the announcement is. If there is something new going on in the company, then you can use that as content for your business blog. The good thing about this is that you do not need to spend extra on making the announcement – your business blog is there for the taking! More so, you can personalize your announcement in your blog, which is always a plus for you in the eyes of your clients.

Social responsibility.
Social responsibility has been a big term in the business world for quite some time now. More than making money and building business empires, it is also important for companies to give back to their community. If you are involved in any activities that relate to social responsibility, why not write about these activities in your blog? Aside from actually sharing what you have been up to (other than your core business activities), you can show your customers that you care about more than doing business.

Originally posted on July 6, 2008 @ 6:46 pm

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