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Many of us keep our professional blogging lives and our creative hobbies separate. However, what if you could dramatically increase your traffic and exposure by sharing your creative content with the world? Blogging can be an excellent incentive for you to hone your creative abilities, such as film production, photography, or musicianship. Take a look at these four reasons why your own creative content is so valuable to your blog strategy.

Your Ideas Are Worth It

So many of us underestimate the value of our own creative ideas. However, the only way to really put our ideas to the test is to release it to an audience. The notion that others can derive joy and value from our hard work can inspire us to create more content and gain recognition for our work. Don’t throw anything away – keep copies of your journals, notes, film snippets and audio recordings. You never know when you might be tempted to carry a project to completion. Once you finish it, you might have a viable product to share with the world, starting on your blog!

Personality Sells

Digital content does not play by the same rules as traditional media. Just take a look at YouTube. Everyday people have been able to cultivate audiences of millions by creating their own talk shows and talent showcases. Many of these programs have low production value, so you don’t even need the backing of a major studio to show the world who you are. Many fans value creative content because they allow your own unique perspective to shine through, which can appeal to a loyal following. Don’t minimize the importance of your individuality – showcase it through your blog!

Increased Exposure

Blogs are just another way to draw increased attention to your creative content. For example, you might upload a video file or sound clip to sharing platforms like YouTube or Sound Cloud. However, it can be difficult for this content to reach the right audiences. You can increase engagement rates by incorporating these media into your blog content strategy. Make it easy for people to share the post via social media and use effective SEO keyword strategies so that it is easy to find when people search for the genre you work in. Before you know it, you’ll have all new audiences checking out your creative content.

Personal Enrichment

Knowing that you have an audience waiting for more can help motivate you to develop your creative abilities even more. If you’re a musician, download digital sheet music to master your favorite songs and impress your audiences.

Blogging can help you build an audience for your creative pursuits. This platform can also motivate you to improve your creation skills. Sharing your work through a blog can be immensely satisfying.

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Originally posted on August 7, 2014 @ 4:37 pm


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