It was only a matter of time before Bush had it coming. Seeing that Bush has slowly been getting out of hand with his obvious hunger for power, the Senate Democrats are busy drafting a legislative resolution to revoke the broad authority of power granted to the US president. Incidentally, it was the same group that granted President Bush full authority, stemming from the Saddam Hussein issue which has obviously died down ever since he was executed some months back.

Stopping Bush from War

Despite the evident elimination of Hussein from the picture, Bush has still chosen to go on the offensive by moving to send additional troops to Iraq and seek total domination for a vendetta that has obviously become a personal grudge. This move has drawn the ire of his supporting nation, clamoring for the end of the loss of innocent lives and opting for a more peaceful resolution of the matter. Sad to note, such has not been heeded and the evident offensive towards war is still wandering in the air over the United States of America.

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Originally posted on February 23, 2007 @ 11:46 pm

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