It has been customary practice for military personnel to pay respects to fallen comrades in the field of duty by properly reporting them to their superiors and commanding officers to be able to account for fallen soldiers in the battlefield.

Fallen Soldiers of Iraq

Surprisingly, in a study conducted by the Pentagon on troops at Iraq, a low 40 percent were found to take the initiative or reporting fallen comrades. This surprising number would then suggest that a number of casualties of war are not totally accounted for, making it a lot curious at the number of soldiers who may be unaccounted for, especially in the midst of the ongoing war in the plagued country.

Serving the country at the expense of lives is one thing and it is but proper to account for the men, even just by name itself and pay tribute or last respects to be able to inform relatives and dependents on their demise. It is the least thing that governments can do in exchange for lives brought out in the open for the sake of the country.

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Originally posted on May 1, 2007 @ 6:00 am

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