7 Ways to Increase Website Conversion and Improve Sales

7 Ways to Increase Website Conversion and Improve Sales

Creating your first website may be quite of a challenge but getting sales from it is a struggle most website and business owners experience. Here are some of the essentials you need to be carefully on to increase your conversions.

1. Improve landing pages

Landing pages are the ones you show to your possible customers for the main purpose of achieving your objective – to sell. Consider these pages as a crucial part in successfully converting your visitors into possibly longtime customers.

The devil in landing pages is in the detail. Pay attention to every variable that is featured on your page, which includes the images, layout, and web copy (more on that later)

In particular, make sure to craft a compelling headline to optimizing your landing pages for conversion. You need people to click on your pages when it shows on search results or shared on social media to convert. If possible, you can conduct A/B testing on your headlines to see which among the ones you’ve written receive the best reaction.

If you’re using WordPress to run your site, make use of landing page plugins that are proven to increase conversions. Credible plugins may cost you a few bucks or more but can benefit you in the long run

2. Improve CTAs

CTAs or Call-to-Actions are an effective way to show and tell your visitors what they need to be doing while viewing your website. It is important that you clearly tell them what to do and where to click.

CTAs are meant to be visceral and in-your-face if you want your visitors to notice them. To do this, add icons, adjust the size, and play around with the font style and color. For more ideas on how to boost your CTA’s conversion, check out this article from SEJ.

Also, you can boost the click-through rate of your calls to action by adding a sense of urgency to your message. Give your visitors a reason to click now instead of later like giving limited offers or few stocks availability.

3. Conduct A/B testing

There is no better way to tell if the best efforts you did for your website are efficient than to test them and see which one works best. The good news is that the things you put into and do on your website can be tested and measured.

At the heart of every A/B testing is conducting as many tests as possible until you hit the sweet spot of your conversion. Even small changes in detail may be the small change you are looking for to hit your goals. Here are some surprising A/B testing results listed by Unbounce

Once you have measured all the results, optimize accordingly. Use the data from your tests to help you determine which color, image, and texts you need to make for your future ads and campaigns.

4. Beef up copywriting

One of the proven ways to improve your sales is to make it about your visitors, not your business. One example is instead of saying, “we offer social media marketing” try “grow your business by connecting with your audience on social media.” Know your audience and offer solutions to their problems on the different copies you’ll be writing.

Clarity and conciseness are keys to effective copywriting. According to research done by Slate, people don’t read from start to end. People have short attention spans when it comes to absorbing content online, so it’s important to be clear on what you have to offer. Also, you need to strategically place your CTAs on different parts of the page so you can catch the attention of people skimming on your content.

One of the best ways to improve your conversion through web copy is by studying top competitors. If they are driving more sales than you do, analyze how they write their copies and see if it works for you or if you can do it better than them.

5. Increase trust signals

These are the ones you may have probably seen on some websites. Adding trust signals are a way to assure your visitors that they are looking at a credible business. Follow and add which trust signal your business could have to gain your visitors’ trust that will lead eventually lead to sales.

6. Make it easy to purchase from you

How do you make customers buy from you easily, you say? It’s all about how you sell. Aside from following all the ways we’ve listed so far in this article, try to forget that you are the owner of your website. Act as a potential buyer and ask yourself if you are going to read or buy what’s on the landing page you show your visitors. Make the buying process as easy as possible or you will end up with confused would-be-customers.

7. Eliminate clutter

Remove irrelevant things such as images, menus, and sidebars that don’t help with conversions. If so many things are happening on your website, chances are, visitors will be doing their business elsewhere. Enhancing the look and performance of your website would lead to increase in your website’s conversion rate and ultimately improve your sales.

You may think that you’ve explored the internet and found the best strategies out there but eventually figuring out that they are not working for you. Remember that not all of the best practices submitted by people of different industries work for everyone. You need to test everything out to finally discover what works best for your business and what don’t.

Originally posted on May 29, 2017 @ 8:20 pm