3 Online Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Regardless of the size or function of your business, if you’re not taking advantage of the exposure and success you can find online, you’re missing out on a huge piece of your market share. However, simply being online isn’t all it takes to have success in the Internet arena. In order to make your online presence known and have it be beneficial to your business, you have to understand how online marketing works.

Becoming an expert at online marketing can take years of practice and experience that you simply don’t have right now. So to make your online marketing a little easier, here are three online marketing mistakes you should avoid committing at all costs if you want to have commercial success on the Internet.

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Neglecting Your Company Blog

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make in regards to online marketing is not creating their own unique content on their company blog. Even if you think your target market isn’t into blogging or that your area of business isn’t right for what a blog has to offer, you should still be contributing content in the form of a blog, at the very least with top-funnel content.

According to Corey Eridon of HubSpot, blogs benefit your business and marketing efforts by driving traffic to your website, getting you more leads, establishing your authority in your field and much more. If you honestly feel that you couldn’t benefit from these three things, then by all means, continue not having a consistent blog strategy. But if you recognize that you need help in any one of these areas—which the vast majority of businesses do—then you can’t afford to not be blogging.

No Clear Calls to Action

Your website and Internet ads are really only as good as the actions they get viewers to take. For this reason, not focusing on having clear and compelling calls to action is a huge mistake that many businesses make in their online marketing. Unless you want your visitors to take absolutely no action, creating effective calls to action should be a priority on each and every page and ad you create.

According to Mike Sawyer of ZMags.com, every single call to action you create should be “well-placed, well-designed and well-considered.” This means that you’re taking the time to articulate to both your developer and your visitors what you want to happen after someone views a certain page element. Without good calls to action, your site’s performance and ROI will suffer.

No Acknowledging the Importance of SEO

Although many businesses want to believe that SEO has very little impact on their online success, you can’t deny the fact that understanding basic principles of SEO will help you have a more effective website and a more pronounced Internet presence. According to Jonathan Long, a contributor to the Huffington Post, a business can benefit from investing in quality SEO tactics in six very important ways. Without practicing good SEO strategies, your online presence may never reach its full potential.

The above three online marketing mistakes really aren’t that hard to avoid. By having a solid understanding of how people use the Internet and how businesses can best reach their audiences, you shouldn’t have a problem steering your business far clear of these detrimental online marketing mishaps.

Originally posted on November 20, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

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