Quit Your Job
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There’s always a thrill in getting a new job – it probably means a better offer, the chance to learn new things and experience new job opportunities. But then before you experience all of these things, you’ll need to do one thing first – quit your present job.

Here’s how you can quit your job like a professional:

  • Don’t turn the quitting process into a scene worthy of a soap opera. Refrain from making any kind of “grand” gestures like telling your boss off, telling people how bad the company is, or making that awkward speech a la Jerry Maguire when he left his office. Just hunker down and do your job until your termination date.
  • You should refrain from bragging about your turn of good luck. Don’t boast about your new job to your officemates – it may feel good talking about this wonderful opportunity but you’re just making your officemates miserable especially if the conditions at the office are less than ideal, which compelled you to look for a new job in the first place.
  • Don’t leave the office without giving proper notice. The standard practice is to give two weeks’ notice. This gives you enough time to work on your clearance and finish any business or duties assigned to you. Some employers may request you to stay a little longer, be open to negotiate that request.
  • Be courteous enough to help make the transition easy for your officemates and your replacement. Work hard and accommodate all requests related to job turnover.
  • Don’t look back. Many companies will try and lure you back when you resign by making a counter offer. Whatever the offer is do not accept it. Remember why you looked for a job in the first place and don’t lose sight of it. There’s a reason you wanted a change and that should not be forgotten.
  • Be gracious. Remember to say your thanks to the people you worked with. Let them know how important they are to you as colleagues and co-workers.
  • Do not burn your bridges. This is probably the most important tip you should follow. Every person you meet professionally helps grow your professional network and this is a key factor in your professional success.

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