There was a time when traveling for business was reserved for only a few industries or positions. It was seen as a great perk by many and a huge handicap by others. For some, the thrill of visiting new cities, meeting new people, and getting paid to do it was a dream come true. For others, it means being forced to upset routines, take time away from family, and feeling bullied into missing out on big life events like a kid’s birthday or comped tickets to a local game.

However, with the influx of cloud technology, more and more industries and positions are requiring travel for some very traditional “in house” positions. This is a good thing or a bad thing depending on your stance. On the other hand “business travel” is also taking on new meanings. For example, small business owners and sole proprietors can plan a trip to a conference complete with tax write-offs and then create their own vacation around it at the same time (with the airfare already covered).

Here are some of the newest professions requiring business travel:

1. Attorneys

Often times, attorneys have to go to their clients whether they’re being detained, in the hospital and facing a worker’s comp claim, or have disability issues. There was a time when only criminal defense attorneys were required to travel for work, and then it was usually just to the local jail cell. Now, they’re getting out of the office and into the field.

2. Writers

There have always been travel writers and journalists, but now writers in all fields are being asked to get into the line of fire for research and new perspectives. For example, SEO writers might be asked to figure out the inner workings of a business as a contractor. It’s become a much less solitary field.

3. Administrative experts

There was a time when office work meant the daily grind in the same space over and over again. However, technology advances mean nearly constant training and workshops for your admin staff. Plus, more of them are getting telecommuting and virtual office options, allowing them to work from anywhere.

4. Retailers to e-tailers

Working in a retail shop isn’t what it used to be. As brick and mortars are embracing the e-tail environment, telecommuting is becoming a viable option. Simultaneously, getting into the community and meeting with key players is crucial for being competitive.

Is traveling for business your idea of a great perk?

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