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Federal workers can be fired contrary to a popular myth but the firing percentage in government is way below the standard percentage of employee firing that happens in the private sector. This has prodded the view that in spite of voiced out fears of federal workers losing jobs, government is still the most secure employer compared to other industries.

Records will show that it is quite seldom that federal workers lose their jobs because of poor job performance or lay-offs. Most who leave their government jobs unplanned do so usually because of death or sickness that prevents performance of job related tasks. An interesting fact on security regarding federal jobs is that blue-collar workers have twice as much chance of being laid-off than white-collar workers.

It can also be quite comforting when governments provide financial support to employees which are not necessarily in the form of money but in benefits that can help employees survive the hard times. For one, government is not usually inclined to add to the rate of unemployment by opting for mass lay-off except for positions that are evidently not necessary in public service and have been created for specific projects only.

The government sector has many job opportunities since it has several departments under it. It continues to employ people in research, accounting, homeland security, healthcare administration, and information technology. It will probably be the last sector in the employment industry to close shop if such a thing is at all possible. Without any form of government, a country in hot water is expected to deteriorate further.

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