So the US budget has been finalized and while everyone seems to be happy, there will be the usual skeptics who will put in their two cents worth for the sake of argument and validity. A $2.9 Trillion spending plan was approved sending waves of concerns with regards to its feasibility. While the outlook and projections set by the Bush Administration seemed feasible, it cannot be discounted that flaws and loopholes may ensue.


Bush Spending Too Much?


The issue is quite simple. A false projection of the allocated budget may mean a disastrous accounting on the part of the government. Tax payers are sure to be on the receiving end since this is where bulk of the government spending budget will be taken from.

Priorities as to the spending plan for the allocated budget will need to be enumerated. This is deemed necessary to ensure that proper allocation and auditing of the said budget will be easier once the need arises.

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Originally posted on February 7, 2007 @ 11:07 pm

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