Marketing Green Tech to Improve Business Relations

Sustainable technology may not only be good for the environment, but it can be a method in which your business could save a lot of money. It can also be a way to help your business make a lot of money. Many organizations have seen an increase in revenue due to advertising the fact that eco-friendly technology is used within the establishment. It seems the more grand the technology, the more of an impact it makes on consumerism.

You Don’t Need LEED Certifications to Be Green

Having a LEED certification for your establishment could go a long way to provide you with material that you can use for marketing purposes. However, you can still focus on the eco-friendly-minded by displaying the technology your establishment uses without this certification. By making a few changes to routines and starting a recycling campaign, you can connect to those individuals that are more likely to do business with a green company. These alterations within your business will also create a more cost effective way to perform various tasks.

Website Badges to Attract Attention

When you begin marketing the business model for green technologies, one method of marketing that companies use is the graphic displayed on the website. As time continues, you see these green badges more often on website hosting and visualization companies. As long as a certain percentage of power is from eco-friendly fuel sources, you can add the graphic in order to attract eco-friendly consumers. It may be a good idea to add a page pertaining to your green methods as it helps provide evidence that the business is assisting in sustainability.

Setting an Example for the Community


Planting trees or assisting in community gardens can be an excellent method of marketing your commitment to environmentalism. This is information you could also put on your website as a contribution of caring that may help convince a potential customer to use your company. Even charitable donations can be marketable while tax deductible. Consumers may be more likely to use a company that demonstrates compassion and caring regardless of the charity. By setting an example for the rest of the community, you could be seen as a leader which could strengthen the association of the business brand.

Every Little Bit Helps

Don’t assume that some eco-friendly practices or devices are not worth mentioning. Any little bit helps when marketing contributions to sustainability. Whether you’re replacing all the lights in the office with LED or you’re installing solar panels, any mention of efficiency could be what turns interested parties into customers. While you may want to do more than simply replace a few light bulbs, small changes can add up to increase popularity and decrease overhead costs. For example, according to the folks at Miramar Beach roofing, even a small energy-efficient upgrade “leads to using less energy and saving on utility bills.”

Although you can have a successful business without pandering to those that are eco-friendly, going green can be beneficial for cost control as well as attracting customers. As long as you mention every change you commit on social media as well as website information, you may see an increase in interest from customers that may never have considered your business before. You may find that focusing on sustainability could be more profitable than you may have realized.

Originally posted on October 30, 2014 @ 8:40 pm

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