Keeping Your Employees Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

As cold and flu season is coming on this year, it’s important for employers to know some strategies they can use to keep their workforce healthy and happy in order to avoid lost money or other issues that can result from a sick or absent staff. So to help business owners or managers have a smooth winter season, here are three tips for keeping your employees healthy while at the workplace.


Encourage Movement During the Day

If you have workers who spend the majority of their day at a desk or in another sedentary situation, encouraging them to move around regularly throughout the day can help to keep them healthier not only during cold and flu season but also in their life in general. Even if they simply complete some of their tasks while on their feet, they can eliminate the chances of becoming unhealthy and sick. According to, getting up and stretching a few times throughout the day can help employees feel less fatigued, giving them the strength they need to fight off illnesses and remain healthy enough to continue working.

Clean and Disinfect Regularly

Because your workers likely spend a lengthy amount of time at work each day, certain areas or items are bound to become hotspots for cold- and flu-causing germs. While you can’t ensure that each and every employee is taking their own precautions to ensure their avoidance of these germs, you can create a routine in which you clean and disinfect commonly used areas regularly.

According to eMaids Inc., the 5 most germ-infested areas of an office are the bathroom, the pantry, reception areas, workers’ desks, and elevators. These areas are all common spaces, meaning they are used by many people throughout the day and accumulate a lot of different people’s germs. To help keep your employees from getting sick, try to focus your cleaning efforts on these five areas regularly.

Keep Sick Employees Out of the Office

While there are always going to be germs in and around your office, having someone in your space that is actively infected with a cold or the flu can make even your most valiant efforts at disinfecting useless. For this reason, shares that one of the best ways to keep your employees healthy while at work is to have a flexible way for employees to work from home in order to keep them out of the office while they’re contagious. Having a sick employee come into work because they aren’t allowed days off may seem like it makes good business sense, but when they’ve given their illness to all your other employees, you’re going to have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Show your employees that you value them and the work they do for your company by making their health and safety at work a priority. Use the tips mentioned above to have a healthier workforce even during cold and flu season this year.

Originally posted on December 16, 2015 @ 3:36 pm

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