3 Things To Do If You Sustain An Injury At Work

Getting injured is never fun. However, getting injured at work can take this bad situation and make it that much more complicated. And because there are many types of injuries, like those that happen over a long period of time or those that occur all at once, you may not be sure how you should address these issues if and when they happen while you’re on the job. So to help you figure all this out, here are three things that you should do if you sustain an injury at work.

Talk To Your Supervisor Immediately

As soon as you become injured, whether it’s finally an extended injury that’s taking its toll or you’ve just been acutely injured, it’s important that you tell your supervisor as soon as you can. According to OSHA, telling your supervisor as soon as your injury happens can help to protect you and can help to ensure that what caused you harm won’t be able to cause harm to your coworkers. Additionally, once you tell your supervisor and begin filing the paperwork associated with either workers’ compensation or just an incident report, OSHA recommends that you always use ink on your forms and that you always get a copy for your records. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that nothing you’ve reported gets changed or forgotten.

Figure Out What Doctor You’ll Be Seeing

If your workplace injury requires you to seek medical attention, it’s important that you know what doctors you can see. In some instances, your employer will want you to see a doctor that they have specified. However, if this is the case, WorkplaceFairness.org advises that you be very careful when seeing a doctor paid by your employer and their insurance company, as they may not have your best interest in mind. If you have any questions about the objectivity of the doctor your employer has had you see, you can always seek a second opinion from a doctor of your choice.

Determine When And If You Can Return To Work

If you’re like most people, you need your job in order to survive financially. In some instances, an injury that takes place while at work will make it possible for you to continue getting paid at least in part for a period of time. However, you may be anxious to get back to work. If you’re wanting to get back to your job, David Quezada, a contributor to BizJournals.com, shares that you can speak to your employer about a transitional or modified job that will help you get back to work, even if you’re not able to function as normal for a while. While this might be difficult, at least you’ll know that your job is still there for you and you’ll begin being able to work once more.

To ensure you protect yourself if you get injured while at work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know the best steps to take for your health and wellness.

Originally posted on June 16, 2018 @ 3:54 pm

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