To celebrate the launch of its new Small Business site AT&T is launching a contest for small businesses and the winner get a complete business make-over from AT&T. First I obviously must disclaim that I live in the UK and can’t use AT&T myself, but I have one of those shiny iPhones nevertheless. 😉

Myself I have been running small businesses for pretty much my complete professional career and have several times rebooted businesses as well. Often I have been in the situation that I wanted to improve a company I owned or managed but whether didn’t know how to do or didn’t have the financial possibilities to do so.

In the first situation, stubborn as I usually was, most of times I looked for a typical sell out option and tried to sell on the company because I was too proud to ask other people for advice. I should have known better and I think the fact that big companies such as AT&T are available to assist small business owners is a great opportunity.
If back then I knew what I know now, I would gladly have grabbed every occasion to get advice and guidance from professionals instead of getting stuck myself in a cul-de-sack, not seeing the forest trough the trees.

Other times it would have been great if I had a little more financial leeway to improve the infrastructure and logistics of my companies. Most of time IT was a big burden and too expensive to be run professionally. Often I would have dreamed of being able to offer my employees a nice laptop or even a professionally maintained email server and I guess that’s where AT&T comes in for you.

Next to the complete business makeover AT&T also offers smartphones to winners and several other subscriptions based prizes. All you have to do is submit a 2minutes video and tell AT&T how they could possibly improve your business.

You can visit the AT&T Small Business InSite contest page here.


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