Why Small Businesses Should Worry about Landing Pages

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The idea of the landing page is simple. A landing page is a web page that a user lands on after following a link shown in an ad or an email. The landing page could be a site’s homepage, but it could also be a separate web page dedicated to specific marketing purposes. In recent times, landing pages have become popular for all manner of businesses.

Landing pages are required to get customers to take a particular action that eventually leads to sales. Because of this function, landing pages are also critical. They should be optimized and designed properly to drive conversions. Now, let’s look at several reasons why landing pages are a crucial marketing tool for small businesses like yours:

Direct Users to Content

Your business needs content to create brand awareness and attract traffic. Once you have the content, you need to direct your target audience to this content. One of the best tools you can have to achieve this is a landing page.

A landing page can direct incoming traffic to the right kind of content a user would desire. Doing so can help reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. Plus, you can use a survey tool on content landing pages to gather valuable user feedback data.

Create Local Content

If you are focusing on multiple markets located at different places, it can be difficult to produce local content on your main website. Instead, you can create highly localized landing pages that you can drive specific traffic to based on geographic location. As we all know, local content is important for increasing conversions.

You can easily use landing pages to build local content for multiple audiences at once. Landing pages can easily be optimized with geo-specific keywords that you cannot include in your homepage. Local landing pages can quickly drive up your page rank on local Google searches.

Capture Leads

Landing pages are the best tool to capture leads. You can promote your products and generate buzz using landing pages. Dedicated landing pages are also excellent to promote free offers around the web.

For example, imagine you are selling a book. You can use a dedicated landing page to provide free previews of the book. Landing pages can also help you gather emails of potential buyers for this book. A highly optimized landing page built using an appealing theme is the best weapon you can have in your arsenal for a lead capturing campaign.

Convert from Ads

If you link your homepage to ads, that will not drive conversions. Your online advertising efforts will be much more successful if you drive traffic from ad links directly to a page that shows what was promised in the ad. Ad landing pages can drive conversions like no other.

For example, if you are offering a free trial for a service, create a landing page solely with information dedicated to this free trial. If you direct the link to the homepage, potential customers will be distracted, or might not want to browse further for the trial. So, start today to create landing pages to make ad content relevant to a potential customer.

Landing pages can also help you promote social media content. Link your social media accounts to landing pages to increase engagement. You will be able to gather new followers and fans.

As a small business owner, you need landing pages to drive conversions, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales. This article explains the importance of having a landing page. Now that you are convinced learn how to build a great landing page that will help your small business take advantage of the many benefits they offer.

Originally posted on September 30, 2016 @ 11:53 am


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