Any startup small business that plans to sell products online and offline need to have one very important tool. This is the point of sale or POS as what it’s often called that can process payments in a fast manner and worth investing in.

This business equipment is available today in a digital format and is able to do other functions apart from simply processing payments and issuing receipts. In fact, a POS software is also widely used these days owing to its convenience and versatility. Other than the main point of sale unit, the software can be used in mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet.

Unknown to some entrepreneurs, the modern POS can now be utilized as a marketing tool and as a way to get to know the shopping habits and demographics of customers. Through this very useful device, a business owner can actually do a quick survey to get customer feedback about the service, to ask about the person who referred them to the website and other demographics.

In terms of organizing your database, today’s POS is very efficient. The reason is its ability to capture customer information right at the point of sale.

Ease of use is its another advantage. With the software, for instance, you can easily use it via your smartphone or tablet and let customers process their purchase from where they may be situated in your store. Clients from other geographical locations are also served well without the travel cost.

If you’re keen in getting this advanced business equipment, here are some features that you need to look for.

Dual display

— This type of system has a second display meant for the customer and which is capable of showing advertisements during checkout. This is ideal for use in a physical store.

Discount and Ads

— A POS that can provide a discount and other relevant advertisement is a good choice. Sometimes, a coupon code may be used for online transactions to apply the discount.

Direct mail and email marketing

— A system that can send direct mails to customers is another feature worth considering. The email can be a quick survey to gather feedback about your service and prices or it can be a follow-up email promoting your business offerings and other upcoming events.

Loyalty programs

— Many businesses are widely using this program today to attract more customers. A point of sale system that has this feature is the best choice if you’d like to have repeat customers.

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Teresa Te is a freelance blogger who specializes in writing posts related to retail business and business technology including the multi pos software.

Originally posted on October 2, 2012 @ 6:44 pm

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