Top Tips For Effective Business Communication

Communication is an essential element of every relationship, especially in the realm of business. Like breathing, communication is a reflexive and interactive part of our lives. We talk to friends, family members, associates, customers, and kids without giving much thought to how we are communicating.

Though communication is a natural part of living, communicating effectively is a whole other skill. For effective business communication, try integrating these few tips to improve the message.

Utilize the tools technology has provided

Business professionals have a wide array of technologically inclined communication options, and it behooves you to integrate the gifts that have been given. Set up enriching conference reservations in five minutes through the power of the internet.

Smart phones, tablets, communication software, and various messengers mean that there should never be a dark time for office communication. Use every possible platform to reach a more effective level of communication in the workplace.

Commit yourself to listening

Try to avoid focusing on what you want to say while someone else is speaking. Listening is critically important to a receptive attitude. People are more willing to communicate peacefully (no matter the issue) when you show active listening.

Use nonverbal cues to project your interest. Leaning into a person’s conversation shows that you are ready and willing to work out a solution to any challenge. A slight nod during the conversation also shows receptiveness.

Practice diplomacy in every setting

In a professional setting, there are still times when personalities collide in a not-so-nice manner. When conflict arises in the office, good communication means diplomacy in every situation. You have to be able to listen, whether you are involved in the disagreement, or you are supervising its diffusion.

It can be challenging to work together with the same people five days a week for years at a time. There has to be some accommodation made for the occasional disagreement between office mates. Every individual should feel free to appropriately air their grievances.

Respect cultural difference in communication

Not every culture communicates in the same manner. If you are interested in positive communication in the workplace, devote effort to understanding the many cultures represented by the local professionals.

Cultural differences in communication can cause some troubling miscommunications if not recognized quickly. Facilitate cultural awareness activities in and out of the office to boost awareness.

Interact and provide positive feedback

Communication is best when it is intentional. It helps to keep an interactive attitude towards office communication. Keep yourself in the know, but avoid being downright nosey.

For instance, if two professionals are discussing ways to improve the office layout in the breakroom, it is perfectly acceptable to jump into the conversation with a piece of input.

Originally posted on August 15, 2017 @ 10:37 pm

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