Tools You Should Be Using To Market Your Business

When it comes to having your own business, you need to be using every tool possible in order to market it. Marketing is the way that you get people to know about your business, but it’s about far more than just putting an ad in the local newspaper or the telephone book. While that may have been enough in the past, in today’s technological world there are so many more options.

While it is important to use traditional marketing, like business cards, you should also be online using every advantage that there is there. Here are some traditional and tech ways you should be marketing your business.

The Phone

It’s true, the internet has changed how personal people get with one another. You spend less time talking on the phone and more time sending Facebook messages to people. You spend more time communicating with customers and other businesses through email and social media.

Get on the phone and talk to your customers. Call them up to follow up on purchases and find out if they need anything new or if their purchase was all they hoped for. Hearing an actual person on the phone makes your business even more legit to them, especially if you only exist virtually.

The Internet

The internet is probably the most important tool when it comes to business marketing. There are tons of places to advertise online, and the better you market your business online, the more people will find you and increase your sales. With so many options though, where do you start?

Social media is free. And you can even setup free websites as well. Every business needs an online presence, even small ones and local ones. You don’t just want to be on social media though, you also want to have a blog. Blogs are great at turning lookers into buyers.

Your Feet

While the phone and the internet make it more convenient to reach a farther distance when it comes to marketing your business, you still don’t want to neglect the old fashioned way of doing things. Good old footwork in your own area can do a lot of good on a local level when it comes to increasing revenue. Hand out coupons and business cards, at the least.

You can also set up shop at at trade shows and business expos. It’s a great way to market to local people, and other business. Business to business marketing is more important than you might think, and could also increase your sales potential.

Don’t be afraid to get your name out there in every possible outlet. From the internet to your local newspaper, marketing is the only way you will alert people to your business’s existence and lets you show them all you have to offer.

Originally posted on August 17, 2016 @ 9:02 pm


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