Television is regarded as one of the most powerful tools for companies resorting towards market penetration and promotional strategies to be able to boost the potential of a product or service. Many endorsements, advertisements and other TV-media related projects have helped most organizations in cementing their hold and built their brands into word-of-mouth brand names today. Such include, Coca Cola, Pepsi-Cola, McDonald’s, General Electric, Nokia, Marlboro, Winston, and so on. The list goes on and if looked back, most of these come from the commercials that have been properly themed by projecting them in one way or another.

Most organizations would wonder if the cost-benefit analysis for making such productions would be worth the investment. Like any other investment related activity, time and positioning towards the desired market viewers will be the difference. If we observe the air time for most television commercials, it varies as far as time slots. These slots are the projected time where most people would be watching this powerful media tool, as a means of entertainment and leisure. Ideally, they are paired with soap operas, sporting events or featured films, most of which rely on endorsements and solicitations as well to be able to cover up their expenses.

I can remember the boxing events such as the Pacquiao-Morales boxing event. Local endorsers were offering expensive air time to be able to show the logo of the company. While this would certainly be a good way to promote, I felt the cost for airing a 5 second logo was too much to pay. While I have no doubt that the event was a good target to catch our market customers, the probability of catching these viewers during the event may not be feasible in a sense for now, since the company is still small and such expenses may not be acceptable to the stockholders of Merlion International Sales, Inc.

Originally posted on April 9, 2006 @ 12:25 pm


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