Just last Tuesday, I was having coffee with my special someone along one of the famous commercial malls today. While I and my mate were enjoying our coffee and some snacks, rain poured in heavily, making people stranded and causing traffic as well for vehicles that were passing by. Umbrellas were not brought by most people, since the downpour was sudden and no one expected rain showers that night. For us, it made no difference as we had no where else to go after our meeting, so we just let the rain pass, observing the people around us. People can really learn a lot from mere observation alone.

Parc's PhotosI noticed two boys, the not so blessed as far as financial capacity is used as a gauge. I cannot even call them beggars since they were simply strolling and offering to guard parked cars along the streets for people touring the mall at that time. While is was raining, the number of stranded people had swelled, and most of them wanted to reach their cars to be able to go home, but the rain was the main obstacle for them to be able to do so. Then out of nowhere, I noticed these two boys holding large umbrellas and offering to escort people from the mall to their cars in exchange for some loose change. If I counted it right, the number of people they were able to escort reached around 20 people. The pennies, nickels and dimes that they got were varied; I wouldn’t even be surprised if they got a buck from them. Then it struck me that if people really used their head and put their wits together, they can discover ways on how to earn if they only wanted it happen.

Each human is gifted with a unique mindset, and to use them properly and think maturely, they can come up with different kinds of business techniques and strategies that most people would look up to today. In businesses, this is the trend to go, uniqueness and originality that separates them from the traditional practices of current companies that have made their mark as far as corporate operation is concerned. Seeing the two boys made me realize that ideas are existent in anyone, regardless of age, gender and capacity. If only people would put their minds to work in the proper time, they can really make a difference in any group they may find themselves into.

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