Thai coupThe rampant conflicts and country wide issues anywhere in the world provide more harm than good and are among the factors that make suffering economies all the more worst.  It is not surprising why most countries undergo such problems, considering the fact that with the various political aspirations, various groups will always have their own views and principles that are far different from the governing parties in a country. Such a scenario can be typified towards companies as well, often called and referred to as office politics.

Such practices are pitiful in a sense that instead of a free-flowing operation or direction, these become humps or obstacles that will definitely hamper any company operation. Selfishness is one thing that best describes the craving for power by most people, something that they would not admit to.

Marcos Coup 1987On the other hand, abusive powers may get their day in court as well if not overthrown. For a good leader, the overall consent and cooperation of his subordinates may be needed at times for advice. Leadership is about decision making but it is also about getting the consensus to gather feedback if such a thing is the proper practice or decision to do. Decision making in a country or organizations should not be a one-way street. People would often ask the superiors to make the final say, but presumably, these are the decisions assumed to be the ones that they know which is right, a conflict of which may arise if such will not be done immediately and accordingly.

A good case would be the various coups that are well known today. The first one is of course that of the overthrowing of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos last July 6, 1986, a dictator as they would so call him due to the various issues that still remain unsolved today. And of course today, we are familiar with the on-going coup at Thailand that of which was under governing powers of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Conflicts of interest in leadership and management style are sure to arise at any point. But the sad thing about it is, once a company allows such things from happening, it is sure to occur again. This time, abuse is the obvious matter, and growing in numbers, order will never be restored for people who claim to want what is best for the country but realistically only best for themselves. Such a shame.

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