Facts say that out of a hundred, once we finish our college studies, we would not immediately land the job related to our course or degree. Imagine finishing a journalism career and landing a bank teller job. At first glance there is no relevance, especially in countries like the Philippines. 

The Office Worker

We all have our ambitions. Some go to the extent of wanting to immediately land a managerial position, something that is really not feasible once we start going out on our own and actually experiencing the professional work available today. One culprit that can be singled out is the fact that jobs have become a hard commodity to figure out today. Unemployment in most states has become rampant, and the search for the best possible job that is closely related to the field of study of most professionals has become totally useless.

The wiser people of today would consider monetary benefits as the only important thing today, pushing back personal enhancement and career growth. No one can really blame people for resorting to this, the fact that they cannot land the job of their dreams, all they can possibly hope for is to get the best alternative available, in most cases money benefits that can help them start building their future and who knows, maybe start their own business that is closely related to their desired field of expertise.

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Originally posted on August 6, 2006 @ 11:27 am


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