The Click and Collect Business Trend

In this age of computers, various business models have cropped up that make use of modern technologies. One of them is called the click and collect.

This is most ideal for people who enjoying shopping online and would like to get their items right away without having to line up or wait for a day or two. This is how it works. Normally, a consumer purchases an item online and then instead of choosing the door-to-door delivery option, the customer decides to just pick up the product at a branch of the store near his place. So you click to purchase online and then collect your item at a brick and mortar store.

The click and collect is a multichannel concept. It makes use of the online platform and the traditional brick and mortar stores.
This business model began in the U.K. but is slowly picking up in Australia. Apple has introduced this feature in its online and retail stores as well. In Australia, retailers that have adopted the model include JB Hi Fi, Coles and Australia Post.

With this ever growing concept, many retailers with several branches are enjoying the benefits. It allows them to deliver their products directly to the customer and it also gives them the opportunity to offer online both food products and dry goods.

On the part of consumers, convenience is what they can benefit most from this business model. They can choose the time and store branch from where to collect their items and thus, no longer have to stay at home for long waiting for the delivery of the products they ordered.

In addition, people can shop while on the go through their mobile devices whether it’s the smartphone or tablet they’re using. The moment you confirm that the item you want is available, you can purchase it online right away and then pick it up at the nearest branch on the same day.  You no longer have to play the waiting game and it’s a win-win solution.

Another major benefit is the real time availability of products displayed through the retailers’ websites which means shoppers today are able to know beforehand if they can get the product they so want or need.

Retailers just need to do their part to succeed in offering this service. As long as they promote the concept well, show their local stock levels and suggest alternative stores, they stand a chance in earning more and gaining more customers moving forward.

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