The famous Saddam Hussein is no longer around, more US troops have been sent to reinforce the current number of soldiers battling the Iraqis and the allied nations have expressed dismay and pulled out their troops to spare lives from being taken. The call for peace has been expressed by the allied nations, but it seems that US President Bush is not biting on it, citing security reasons as his main forte for bolstering the current number of troops who are in Iraq.

The Call for World Peace

The order has been criticized to being outrageous if not practical. Aside from claiming the innocent lives of the war plagued country, soldiers’ casualties from the United States have also been escalating and putting lives in jeopardy for the sake of their homeland.

Regardless, the directives being issued by President Bush has been deemed personal and no longer for national concern. Security has become a lame excuse and from all indications, Bush will no longer be able to gain the full blessings of his countrymen. From all indications, Bush couldn’t care less.

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Originally posted on January 30, 2007 @ 5:54 pm

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