Chin Chin Black GulamanBlack Gulaman, the chief product that Merlion International Sales, Inc. and Kinglucky Food Corporation has been pushing in the Philippines and selected states of Canada and the United States, has been aggressively exhausting all means to make the product visible and get ahead of the competition. Boasting of a respectable 9 month product life period, would be competitors are still baffled at the concept of the product, trying to figure out how such a product can last for such a long period and retain its quality in the market today.

Black Gulaman, or Grass Jelly as it is more familiarly called, is a famous Asian drink and Desert molded into one bottle that is very much distinctive from the standard bottled packaging of most beverage and ready to drink packs today. Its unique concept of inverting the cap to be able to open the bottle contents is something that makes it all the more classy in a way, since the foil retains the freshness of the content, a good drink to consider for people on the run and athletes who want something light and refreshing. The jelly bits act as temporary space relievers for digestive systems to avoid health issues such as ulcer. It right amount of sweetness and iodine content helps hit the spot for thirsty individuals today.

A common question that has been spreading out is where to find the said product. The Black Gulaman Drink is actually available in leading 24/7 convenience stores in the Philippines, such as 7-11 and some small convenience stores strategically located in the greater Manila Area. It is also available in leading supermarkets such as Unimart, Parco, Hi-Top and Shopper’s Mart, Binondo. At the moment, it shall soon be seen in the dominant markets held by Shoemart (SM) and Robinsons Department store nationwide. Aiming to hit their mark in the last quarter of the year, the issue on where such items can be located will surely be a big relief to the demanding market for the sole drink and desert that has conceptualized another category that will surely draw competition.

For its part, Chin Chin Black Gulaman has a minor competitor in Joy Black Gulaman. However, this so-called competitor can only last for 7 days, and comparing their quality of packaging with that of the Chin Chin Black Gulaman, there is no question which caters more to the eye of the consumers. Price may offer a howl but taking into consideration that they are larger and packed with better presentation, people would be surprised at how Joy Black Gulaman is being sold, sometimes in the vicinity of $6.00 for a low class plastic packaging. For the same price, a person can already buy a Chin Chin Black Gulaman and comparing them side by side, there is no question which is more appealing if they are placed side by side. People need not look farther since in the first place, has it ever occurred to most consumers why Joy Black Gulaman is not available in the supermarkets whereas Chin Chin Black Gulaman is simply along the imported bottled aisle sections? One way to find out and this is to check both products and let the demanding consumers be the ones to pass final judgment on which is obviously the superior brand that emphasizes on quality packaging and content.

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Originally posted on September 22, 2006 @ 7:02 am


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