Among the requirements of most companies for all applicants is the fine line that says “should be a team player”. Ideally, this is normal for jobs relating towards customer service work, sales work and operations. Overall, this pertains to how a person can be able to adapt to the total manpower of a company, how he or she would fit in and relate to them in a way where there is a harmonious working relationship for better operational results.

The presence of people who many would not be able to get along with is only natural. These are people who have their own beliefs and principles and rarely can anyone change them into something that they should be. While there are some who successfully shift and change for the better, there are also some who refuse to change and would fight for what they believe in. Well, naturally, this would be something that would pose a problem among working employees. But to cross the line and go head on with your superiors is like committing suicide.

The verdict? Well, obviously he will be terminated and with the various inputs coming from his different co-workers, there is no recourse but to part ways with this person. Despite issued memorandums, it seems there is no hope for people like this. The work performance can easily be identified as far as enjoying and being more productive. Sad to say, all of these are academic and seen by the superior themselves.

It is never easy to terminate an employee. But to cross the boss is certainly something that would make it easier. Here is an article that emphasizes how hard it is to terminate employees.

Originally posted on July 16, 2010 @ 9:21 am

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